Continued Education Meetings (CEMs)

Continuing Education Meetings will be held bi-monthly, check our Facebook for dates!

CEMs feature a speaker brought in from the Emory community or greater Atlanta area who will talk about and facilitate discussion on a topic or theme in survivor advocacy. Some past discussion topics have been stalking, BDSM relationships, bystander intervention, Title IX, and hookup culture.

CEMs are open to everyone, even if you’re not an active member of SAPA!

Attendance of CEMs is encouraged for SAPA advocates and mandatory for SAPA peer facilitators. The topics covered in these meetings are pertinent to advocacy work at Emory and will help boost your confidence when talking to survivors.

If a SAPA peer facilitator is unable to make a CEM, they must contact a CEM Coordinator ahead of time and review the minutes of that meeting. If a SAPA peer facilitator is unable to make any CEMs due to a semester-long conflict or obligation, you are not permitted to lead a SAPA 101 session during that semester, but you can still support SAPA as an advocate and encourage your friends to get involved.