Peer Facilitator Training Sessions

SAPA Peer Facilitators train more advocates by leading SAPA 101 Training Sessions, usually in pairs. To become a PF, an additional 60-minute Peer Facilitator Training Session is required after the initial SAPA 101 Training.

It is mandatory for all SAPA PFs to:

  • attend weekly CEMs (missing no more than 2 per semester)
  • facilitate at least two SAPA 101 Training Sessions per semester
  • participate in two small projects such as: tabling for Wonderful Wednesday, chalking or posting flyers to advertise SAPA, or attending SAPA-related or SAPA-sponsored events

If a SAPA Peer Facilitator is unable to make a CEM, they must contact the CEM Coordinator ahead of time and review the minutes of that meeting. If a SAPA Peer Facilitator is unable to make any CEMs due to a semester-long conflict or obligation, they still need to help facilitate at least two 101 Training sessions that semester.

Spring 2018 Peer Facilitator Training Sessions

  • Wednesday 3/21, 7-8 pm
  • Thursday 4/19, 7-8 pm

To sign up for a Peer Facilitator Training, please use this form.