SAPA peer facilitators train more advocates by leading SAPA 101 Training Sessions, usually in pairs. To become a facilitator, an additional 90-minute Peer Facilitator Training Session is required after the initial SAPA 101 Training. These sessions are held in the DUC Alumni Room (bottom floor of DUC) 7-9 PM.

It is mandatory for all Active SAPA peer facilitators to:

  • attend weekly CEMs (missing no more than 2 per semester)
  • facilitate at least two SAPA 101 Training Sessions per semester.
  • participate in two small projects such as: tabling for Wonderful Wednesday, chalking or posting flyers to advertise SAPA, or attending SAPA-related or SAPA-sponsored

If a SAPA peer facilitator is unable to make a CEM, they must contact a CEM Coordinator ahead of time and review the minutes of that meeting. If a SAPA peer facilitator is unable to make any CEMs due to a semester-long conflict or obligation, they should be an Associate Peer Facilitator.  Associate Peer Facilitators do not need to attend meetings, but are required to facilitate one SAPA 101 Session per semester with an Active Peer Facilitator.  Please read the 2015-2016 PF Contract for more details regarding Peer Facilitator requirements.

Spring ’17 Peer Facilitator Training Sessions

  • Monday, January 23 (held in Callaway N116)
  • Tuesday, February 14
  • Wednesday, March 15
  • Thursday, March 30 (held in Callaway N116)
  • Friday, April 21


To sign up for a Peer Facilitator Training, please use this form.